Kibblez of Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the well-being of family pets. We provide pet food to families in financial distress as well as aid in spay and neuter services for these families. If a family’s need is greater than what we can provide, we will assist with finding the pet or pets a new home.


To eliminate unnecessary euthanasia and pet homelessness due to financial setbacks and irresponsible pet pregnancies.


Since founded in 2011 we have kept 14,902 family pets at home through our pet food bank and distributed 687,000 pounds of food just in Palm Beach County communities. We have rescued and re-homed 478 animals that would have otherwise been abandoned or euthanized at the county shelter.

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The Five Freedoms for Animals

Freedom from hunger and thirst ~ Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury or disease

Freedom to express normal behavior ~ Freedom from fear and distress

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